NEA Art Works Grant 2018 – Preserving the Legacy of Dan Morgenstern

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I am representing Texas State University as Project Director for a

National Endowment for the Arts – Art Works Grant 2018:
Preserving the Legacy of Dan Morgenstern.

Morgenstern was raised in Vienna and Copenhagen and arrived in the United States in 1947 when he was 17. He was personal friends with dozens of bebop jazz artists, like Charlie Parker, Lester Young, all the stars, and made all the clubs and shows on 52nd street. His stories are fascinating glimpses into life in NYC in the 1940’s and 50’s, and the jazz scene. Dan has 8 Grammys and is a NEA Jazz Master. Here are few of his memories:

The grant proposal requests funds to pay for travel and production costs of short videos and audio recordings of NEA Jazz Master Dan Morgenstern to be distributed to radio stations, shared with educators, and made available for public use at no charge.

Project Timeline:

August 2018: NEA Jazz Master Dan Morgenstern will travel to San Marcos, Texas to record interviews with and additional narrations by his lifelong friend and associate, jazz broadcaster Phil Schaap. Video and audio clips will be recorded at Media Production facilities at Texas State University by Production Coordinator, Video Producer, and Editorial Supervisor Dean Brennan.

September to December 2018: Project Director Hehmsoth will work with the production team to produce the recordings, develop the programs, and create a website dedicated to Dan Morgenstern’s research and recollections of the Kansas City Jazz school, its Big Bands and performers. Audio and video recordings will be archived at the university library’s Wittliff Collections.

February 2019: Hehmsoth will do a soft-launch of the in-progress website by introducing it along with the recordings, lesson plans, and performance program outlines to thousands of visiting audience members at the annual Hill Country Jazz Festival to share the free resources with high school students, educators, and the general public who attend. Witliff archives as well as recorded live performances and other recordings made available on the website will preserve this unique heritage of stellar performances while safeguarding and codifying Morgenstern’s large body of research regarding Kansas City Jazz.

May 2019: Once all recordings are fully produced and the website is complete, Hehmsoth will send press releases about the website to the National Association for Music Education, local, regional, and national radio stations, and news outlets introducing the website and recordings available for free download and public distribution.

An enormous group of people are involved in this project. Many, many thanks to:

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