One of the Best Ways to be an American

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Texas Jazz Night in Chile

Chile ProJazz students perform with TxState music faculty Hank Hehmsoth & Russell Haight – Texas Jazz Night! 8/9/2013

“The Best things in life are not things
but transformative ideas and emotions.”

I have been in Chile 6 weeks, teaching American Studies in Music at the Institut Projazz in Santiago. I have led 4 different seminars:

Session 1: Contemporary Concepts of Composition and Commercial Arranging
Session 2: The Ultimate Finale Experience for Education (Finale is a music publishing software program)
Session 3: Workshop Personal – Professional Website w/Dreamweaver & Photoshop
Session 4: Modern Jazz Improvisation- with Dr. Russell Haight

In each of these, it takes an American sensibility of fresh concept and practical usage to present these topics to an international audience. The creativity, the real use of computers and software to express yourself and promote yourself world-wide, and the freedom inherent in American Jazz, all suggest that in America, anything is possible. No students in Chile really know how to create websites with pictures, audio, videos, and links to promote themselves to the world stage. It is my great pleasure to be the person doing this under a grant from the U.S. State Department and the Fulbright Commission. I am a Fulbright Specialist teaching these specialized skills that few international university degree plans offer to students.

As far as I am concerned, I can think of no better way to spread American goodwill across the world, than in this way. I am proud to be an American in this manner.

Plus, I get to play jazz everywhere!

Here is a Thelonious Monk tune, “Straight, No Chaser” from

Texas Jazz Night!
at Auditorio Bellavista – Santiago, Chile 8/9/2013
with my friend, colleague, and band member Russell Haight,
along with Institut Projazz students
Diego Meneses (drums) and Camilo Lema (bass)

About Hank

Welcome to the blog on the website of Hank Hehmsoth. Here you'll find many and varied writings of Hank Hehmsoth, from opinions, to articles and videos from related topics, and last but not least, his music. Hank frequently gives readings and talks in the Austin/San Marcos area as well as the rest of the country. If you are a creative composer or music professor and are interested in Hank teaching a master class on improvisation, composition, and related topics, such as jazz piano and harmony, at your college or university, contact him directly.
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  1. MusicTxstate says:

    Thx to Russ and Hank for representing Texas in such a unique way!

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