What is will?

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What is will?

Will is what makes you succeed when you inner voice says you can’t continue.
It is a strength inside of you that can be developed.
It can influence and direct your acts.

You can live strategically, and wait with patience for your will to arrive, and help you succeed.

We maintain our world with our inner dialogue. We talk to ourselves and strengthen our small view of the world with internal talk. You choose your destiny this way. One can repeat the same talk over and over endlessly with no growth.

If you strive to stop the inner dialogue, stop saying things are this way and that, then the world stops being that way, too.
Our endeavors, what we do with our lives, are protections that we use to feel comfortable and safe. You begin to believe that you have things figured out, there are no more mysteries. The world is a continual emerging mystery of thought, visions, and sensations that you can view with fresh open eyes, if you only practice stopping the inner voice.

Once you begin there is no real way to return. The point you thought was the beginning was not ever there, and it doesn’t exist. The point of departure is you. When you change, then the return is impossible.

If you insist on intellect, if you insist on “understanding”, then you don’t understand all that it is to be human.

I am finding that my rationale comprises only a small part of my artistic totality. I have hidden reserves and resources. My trick now is to accept these resources as truth, and these possibilities exist and must be reached.

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