Bird work at MacDowell

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Thursday 5-5-11 and I got some real work done on the opening…..

regarding the opening for Birds,

a young bird is excited and is high in the sky, and wants to play. An older enthusiastic bird converses shortly, and agrees that it would be fun.
As they begin to play in the sky, other birds notice, and join in.
There is an interesting category of mathematics called swarm theory. I have posted already on this.
Enter the swarms, and the play begins, Swooping, plummeting, jagging, dips, loops, “to the sun!”, disappear so high, only to return, angling, land softly, abrupt stops, stalls, dives, splitting away, rejoining, races!, languid pauses, fluttering, hovering.
When the game and play is done, the little bird disappears into the sky…..

The opening dialogue has two distinct language styles, and their conversation reflects this. Also the younger bird is more talkative, while the 2nd bird often has fewer words, but repeats more…Th younger more enthusiastic bird also interrupts occasionally…

BTW, bird 1 is Giant Steps progression, and mirrors. The 2nd is melodic inversion, and ordered pitch sets.

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